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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 430  FOX  August 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am CDT

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fire. ive never seen, ive never seen anything like that before. investigate a deadly apartment fire in sheboygan-- nearly 40 people are now without a home. how the red cross is stepping in to help also this morning... the sherman park community continues picking up the pieces from the violent protests and now many are wondering-- what's next? how the mayor is looking for a positive change in the neighborhood. good morning and thanks for starting your day with wakeup. lets go straight to our fox6 weather expert rob haswell in the weather office. plenty of sunshine over the next couple of days but 80s and
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tuesday. thunderstorms likely wednesday into thursday but the accompanying cold front will bring more seasonal air by friday. monday: mostly sunny. high: 78 dewpoint: 57 wind: sw 5-15 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 63 high: 82 dewpoint: 65 wind: sw 5-15 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy with t- storms. am low: 66 high: 80 dewpoint: 67 wind: sw 5-15 mph we're following some breaking news overnight... a teenager is dead after being shot in milwaukee. officers responded to a shot spotter call at 18th and hadley just after 12-30 this morning. that's where they found an 18-year-old man had been shot. police say the teen died on scene. officers say they don't know what started the shooting and the investigation is ongoing. also overnight-- police say a teenager is to blame for a high speed chase that ends in a crash. brown deer police say they were trying
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60th and brown deer around 11-30. the driver sped off - reaching speeds up to 70 miles per hour...and running multiple red lights. the van eventually hit another vehicle near 76th and good hope...but took off again. the chase ended near 84th and carmen after the van hit a tree. no one was hurt and the 17-year-old driver was taken into custody. one woman is dead and another person injured after a violent collision on milwaukee's west side. it happened yesterday near 27-th and wells. police say a driver ran a red light on 27th slammed into the car. the 64-year-old woman killed was a passenger in one of the cars. we're waiting to find out if any charges will be filed in connection with the crash. we're getting a look at dramatic dash cam video of a high-speed police chase across the milwaukee area. officials say a man led wauwatosa police on a 97-mile-an-hour chase, before driving down a sidewalk. dash cam video shows the chase went from tosa, into milwaukee and back. police say they began the pursuit because the car was
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driver, 40 year old lucas byrd, was wanted for probation violation. byrd misses a turn, drives through a yard, before later driving down a sidewalk. he actually hits a street sign, he jumps out of the car. then the officers able to follow up. :53 we got a perimeter set up the yards, and were able to take him into custody. byrd is in jail facing several charges. hes done time for similar cases in the past. court records show in 2012, he was sentenced to four years for eluding an officer and recklessly corrections department says he just got out on may 17-th a famous guitarist is found dead in a west bend hotel over the weekend. matt roberts was a founding member of the rock band "3 doors down". he was found unconscious in the hallway of this "hampton inn". family members tell t-m-z they believe he overdosed on prescription pills. roberts was in west bend this weekend for a benefit concert. he was just 38 years old. in milwaukee county-- the medical examiner's office has
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remains were pulled from the milwaukee river on friday. investigators believe the man had been there for quite some time. the victim's family has been notified-- but his name won't be released publicly until the milwaukee county sheriff's office has finished its investigation. 35 people-- now homeless after a deadly fire at an apartment complex in sheboygan. now the red cross is stepping in to help. many of them left without the shirt on their back without the medications they needed. blaze. an emergency shelter is set up at farnsworth middle school. displaced residents are getting help with their basic needs ... and finding new housing. neighbors are grateful ... to the red cross ... and to the first responders who rushed into the burning building. i wanted to thank the men in uniforms you know they risked their lives they werent running away from the flames they were running towards making sure people are out. id like to give a big shout out
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unusual ... because so many people are displaced. it put out an expanded call for service ... bringing in help from green bay, oshkosh and milwaukee. the red cross cannot provide this type of assistance without your generosity. if you'd like to donate, visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app and click "links" for the necessary information. you'll also find information on volunteer opportunities. we're learning more about a deadly officer- involved shooting in new lond. police on friday - was carrying a toy gun. the department of justice says 31- year-old kole knight used the toy to trick police into shooting him, knight's fiancee told the appleton post- crescent... that knight was suicidal and he knew if he showed a weapon they would shoot him. she says the fake gun belonged to her 14-year-old son. focusing on a positive change in the community... that's what mayor tom barrett says is the next step toward rebuilding after last week's violent protests in the sherman
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region they don't want to write off the city they don't want to write off this neighborhood they know there are problems they know there are issues and now our challenge is to really address those issues." we should learn more today about the deadly officer-involved shooting that sparked days of unrest in the city. last week-- local businesses burned, the sounds of gunfire peppered the air and lots of people took to the streets. authorities were able to stem the unrest over the next few days....and the community picking itself back up, with a goal of never letting similar scenes onto the city's streets again. "i drove over there sunday morning and was moved by the hundreds of people that were there saying we don't want this neighborhood ruined and you've seen that throughout this week." mayor barrett says he's already focused on using the experience as a catalyst for positive change in the community. barrett tells us he has met with the owners of the businesses who were affected by last weekend's unrest. he says the
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business in the community and employing workers from that area. and as the sherman park neighborhood comes together-- community leaders and faith-based groups are stepping in to help bring residents that positive influence... 'im glad that everyone is taking a step back and reassessing what went wrong and what we can do better going forward.' how a local church is working with the youngest members to spread peace. president obama is preparing to visit some of louisiana's hardest hit areas much federal aid residents are getting as they begin the clean up process. time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this morning.. a gorgeous monday with sunshine and highs in the upper 70s.
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plenty of sunshine over the next couple of days but 80s and higher humidit thunderstorms likely wednesday into thursday but the accompanying cold front will bring more seasonal air by friday. monday: mostly sunny. high: 78 dewpoint: 57 wind: sw 5-15 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 63 high: 82 dewpoint: 65 wind: sw 5-15 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy with t- storms. am low: 66
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are getting ready to head back to school today. and school officials are reassuring parents that their children will be safe in the community. sherman park lutheran church is just 2 blocks from the destruction. many wondered if their sanctuary would be even opened on sunday in light of the unrest -- but church continued... their pastors message is one of hope and strength as their neighborhood begins to rebuild - a message he says will withstand any evil. 'very definitely. it continues this week, next week, as long as sherman park is here, were gonna reaching out through the love of christ.' lumin school -- connected to sherman park lutheran church begins today. the pastor and school officials talked to parents during orientation over the weekend to assure them the students will be safe in the community. and we'll have much more on how local churches are praying for peace coming up in our five o'clock hour. local hip-hop artists are sending a message of peace. the group of dj's producers and rap artists spoke to children
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choices and following their dreams. one of the performers, sawi perry says their popularity as musicians is a natural hook for an audience... "so the artists are going to the children. we are going to give them a perspective of who we are and, then we're going to let them talk to us." and the group of musicians didn't just talk with the children, they also handed out school supplies throughout the afternoon. in one of milwaukee's poorest neighborhoods-- city officials are trying to offer hope at just once overgrown with weeds... the newly named johnni mae phillips park was packed with families this weekend. alderman russell stamper the second - says yesterday's ribbon cutting of the park serves as a turning point in a week that's been marred by the sherman park unrest. stamper blamed the protests on a lack of resources for children in the inner city. it was a real unified effort to by everybody to take advantage of an unfortunate situation and turn it into a positive situation, where we can come
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this park is one of 14 deteriorating parks that will be transformed. police are investigating how inmates managed to hurt six correctional officers at a maximum security prison in illinois. how many inmates reportedly attacked the officers. some california are going back to what's left of their homes as crews make progress battling a massive wildfire. how much officials say the blaze has destroyed. investigation of music-icon prince. why officials believe he may not have known what drug he was taking when he overdosed. time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this morning.. sunshine and comfortable conditions today. highs in the upper 70s. right now . our risk of severe storms later this week next.
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wakeup news. plenty of sunshine of days but 80s and higher humidity levels return by tuesday. thunderstorms likely wednesday into thursday but the accompanying cold front will bring more seasonal air by friday. monday: mostly sunny. high: 78 dewpoint: 57 wind: sw 5-15 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 63 high: 82 dewpoint: 65 wind: sw 5-15 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy with t- storms. am low: 66 high: 80 dewpoint: 67 wind:
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the 20-16 summer olympic games come to an end. as athletes say goodbye to rio, they look forward to the next summer games in tokyo in 20-20. meanwhile-- the fallout continues for u-s swimmer ryan lochte and three of his teammates... after they lied about being robbed in rio. police say lochte along with gunnar bentz, jack conger and jimmy feigen vandai night of partying and armed guards confronted them and asked them to pay for the damage. now... the head of the u-s olympic committee promises further action against the athletes. lochte is now apologizing... and admitting he "over exaggerated" his story. hear lochte explain his actions in his own words coming up our five o'clock hour. across america now-- in ohio-- a woman could be facing charges after police say she crashed her car into a crowd at an outdoor concert. officers say the 74-year-old confused the gas pedal with the
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several people before striking a telephone pole as she tried to correct herself. the driver and eight people were hurt-- two of them seriously. police are still considering pressing charges. six correctional officers are hurt by inmates at a maximum-security prison in illinois. department of corrections officials say the officers were assaulted by five inmates yesterday afternoon at the pontiac correctional center. officials say their injuries are not life threatening. returning to what's left after a massive wildfire tears through san bernardino county, california. officials have lifted evacuation orders for the residents who have been out of their homes for five days. the blaze destroyed more than 100 homes and more than 200 other buildings. the fire burned through nearly 58- square miles and is about 85-percent contained. and take a look at this-- nasa capturing images of that blue cut wildfire from space. you can see the smoke from the blaze in san bernardino
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recede in the baton rouge area... and as residents begin cleaning up-- many are finding that they have lost everything in the storms. the red cross says the flooding is the nation's worst disaster since superstorm sandy in 20-12. residents are getting help from a variety of federal, state, local agencies -- along with volunteer groups and even businesses. and president obama is set to visit the state tomorrow. kim hutcherson has more: across southeastern louisiana you can see it-- evidence of the more than 60-thousand homes but a network of relief is building across the region. 26-hundred national guardsmen have been joined by volunteers from americorps and other groups. fema has already approved $55 million dollars in temporary assistance... plus 15 million dollars in advanced national flood insurance payments. the small business administration is setting up recovery centers. the salvation army has deployed mobile feeding trucks and tide is providing
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obama will visit the state. louisiana's governor pushed back at critics who said the president should have come sooner. gov. john bel edwards/ d louisiana "i asked them to let us get out of the response mode, where we were still conducting searches of houses and we were still making rescues. i didn't want to divert the police officers, the sheriff's deputies the state troopers and other essential resources and assets to providing security for the president." edwards also expressed appreciation for friday's visit nominee, donald trump. gov. john bel edwards/ d louisiana "because it helped to shine a spotlight on louisiana and on the dire situation that we have here, that it was helpful."
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prince's mansion after his death. a source close to the investigation says the pills had been mislabeled. the pills -- marked as hydrocodone-- were reportedly filled with another
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much of the drug in his system that he had no chance of surviving. his autopsy concluded in june the music icon died of an accidental fentanyl overdose. the newspaper says investigators are leaning toward the theory that prince did not know the pills contained fentanyl. caterpillar is cutting nearly 200 mining industry jobs at a pair of former bucyrus international plants. the jobs will be cut in pennsylvania, texas, and north carolina. caterpillar acquired the pennsylvania facility and the texas a bucyrus international in 2011. caterpillar still operates a large factory in south milwaukee, and recently consolidated its former global mining headquarters in oak creek into the factory building. the largest tech, cable and telecom companies are coming out with new efforts to fight those pesky robocalls. apple, google, microsoft, comcast and verizon are among dozens of companies participating in a "robocall strike force" meeting in
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provide customers more control over incoming calls. robocalls are currently the number one complaint the fcc receives from consumers. ahead at five: greyhound-- working to resolve an outage with its website. why you may have trouble if you're trying to book a bus ticket. and then at six... a scary day at the illinois state fair for one teenage girl. what police are saying about a stabbing at the fair over the weekend. so close-- yet so far... we're finding out why one man couldn't finish his attempt to swim across lake michigan and back. live look outside this morning.. a gorgeous monday with sunshine and highs in the upper 70s. right now . when storms move our
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new technology-- four-k ultra high definition. "the huntsman: winter's war" is the studio's first new release in the new format, which is billed as having a picture four times
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experience." if you have a four-k setup, you can judge for yourself when it hits stores tuesday. the man -- trying to swim across lake michigan and back-- ends his mission short. scott wolford should have been about half way to a unassisted marathon swimming record, but instead he was on the beach near his indiana home. the swim began at five a-m friday off navy pier in chicago. the goal was to swim to saint joseph's michigan and back.... about 120 miles. the swim was expected to take 60 thunderstorms caused major concerns and the swim had to be canceled. "i had tears in my eyes, you know, when i was floating in the water, making the decision, to climb out on my own, it was completely my decision." wolford said he got nauseous during the swim, because of rough waves. the swim raised money for clean water groups. wolford says he'd like to give it another go... but probably not until
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but this time, some llama's were the one's creating drama at a wedding... a north carolina couple is going viral thanks to pictures posted online of their wedding reception... which just happen to coincide with the same venue as a llama convention. resulting pics of the happy couple with their wedding crashers are making the rounds on reddit and facebook. a birthday celebration for bei bei! bay bay the chinese embassy in washington d-c threw the bash at the national zoo in honor of the panda cub's first birthday. traditional chinese ceremony-- choosing one of three banners to foretell her cub's future. she chose the banner that represents friendship and luck. the zoo also prepared a giant birthday cake for bei bei. a frozen fruit-layered dessert made with nutritious ingredients. you are watching the fox 6
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central for this area so im looking forward to the day that comes down.' now at 5- a week after violent protests in the sherman park area...the community is looking to move forward. more on the message of hope and strength for the area. plus -- a teen in custody after leading police on a high speed chase in a stolen car. details on the dangerous pursuit that ended wit injured. rob joins us now with more on the weather. rob's weather high pressure takes over our forecast for the next couple of days giving us sunshine and seasonal temperatures. todays highs will be in the upper 70s. as the high moves farther to our east, we should warm a bit for tuesday with highs in the low 80s. both days will have comfortable dewpoints but tuesdays will get a bit sticky. storms return for wednesday and thursday as a low moves in from the west. the storm predication


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